Monday, May 31, 2010

What the Watson?!

Well, as a legally insane Potter-Head, I have watched the actors grow from wee little children to young adults, to practically grown-ups!

I am so on the crazy train to Fashionville, so seeing Emma Watson become the face of Burberry and possibly Chanel has been really exciting!

To me Emma is a young version of Kate Winslet

...and modern English Rose.

Her style is mature....

Shes Chic,

Shes classic, not like the average 20 year old!,

and she can cast spells!!

What Ever Happened to Class?!

What the fudge ever happened to fashion lately?-

Miley has shorts on so short that its obnoxious

Lindsay is a raving hot mess

and K.Stew is reminiscent of a boy

( hear that? the distance...billions of twilight fans getting pissed off)

Theres nothing wrong with being


dont get me wrong, its possible to be tasteful and sexy...(Listen up MileyMo)

But it has to be done right!- checker out my Bardot post!

-Brooches and Roaches-

Accessories are a girls BFF,

so throw away thoes damn beat up flats, clunky grade school shoes

and rings you got from anything that required a quarter.

Be a grown up, so buy grown up clothes. (kapeeesh?)

Brooches are so underrated and so are a string of pearls!

Forever21 has the most beautiful cardigans & classic dresses so buy some!

Hairy Potter
Now that we are looking like something right off of the Chanel runway we need a 'grown up' hair style to go with the new you!
Tip 1- when you go and get your hair cut ask the lady what style would be best for YOU, instead of picking out something in a magazine, that way you'll get the best cut for your shape of face
Tip 2: hilights are amazing arnt they?! they lighten up your face and give your hair that extra UMPH!- but for the love of everything that is holy, get NATURAL hilights, piecey, chunky, 50tones on one head is horrific, in fact IM trying to make it illegal in all 50 states..., thick , chunky hilights look cheap...just DONT!

The next blogs I wanna change it up a bit-

Lets hit the runways, I plan to have a MAN BLOG on my husband Jake Gyl-wachamacallit, and ofcourse we will go full on,

hardXcore ..hippie, with my idol Janis Joplin

*Be Unique*

Peace Love and shimmies


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today's Muse: Cassie from Skins

Unless you are living under a rock...or in may not of heard of a little British show called "Skins". The show's premises is basically about bunch of teens going through school, relationships, drugs, sex, mental illness, anorexia,.. everything- And as a former teenager i must say it is an amazingly accurate view of "how it REALLY is"

The show is raw and brilliantly acted by such a young cast, seriously go buy Season 1&2!

Alrighty, enough of this 'Skins' love fest!

One of my most favorite characters in the tv show is 'Cassie Ainsworth' played incredibly by Hannah Murray. Cassie at first is seen just as this Trippy, free spirit, ditsy girl who says 'WOW' a whole lot, as we see her character deepened we seen that she is Anorexic & adores the control is has over people, and the object of her affection is Sid and absolutely painfully clueless guy who is in love with another.

Cassie is adored by fans not just for her flighty exterior and her sadly human interior but her sense of quirky fashion that I have just one word to describe: MODCLOTH

say it once, say it twice, and LEARN this website
This is the most AUH-MAZING website I have ever come across-
you want unique,vintage,quirky all rolled into one?
well this is a one stop shop! Its very Cassie- and pretty affordable!

Invest in a couple of great vintage party dresses, cool shoes, and sock..yes i said socks, to go with them
Have a look at the accessories, purses, and jewelry!

and for Gods sake, brace yourself because your gonna wanna SHOP!
Cassie favors quirky, vintage, and individuality
Something we lack big time in our world

The greatest crime against fashion... and nature:

The Teen Abercrombie/Holister/Aeropostale/American Eagle Tragedy
*please bow your heads for a moment of silence*

You know,

im not gunna hate on every one of these stores,

for fear that the tweens will attack..its just... I dont know about you fashion lovers but I wish this FAD will FADE.

When I see this:

I see someone who is just apart of the machine, its not cute

Get a clue:
dont be afraid to take influence from fashion past present and future
...GET A PERSONALITY and dont be lazy bitches!!

Take a hint from Cassie- put an outfit together based on what you like not what is the norm

Guess what ladies,

sometimes simple makeup is the biggest "statement" of all.- Try something out of the box, a red lipstick that will work for you and some light blue eye shadow-

Tip 1: Not TOO much eyeshadow, just enough to get the Cassie brush of color,

Tip 2: Play!, try out different shades and colors, the same look is so boooring!

Feel the freedom to dance like Cassie!

Peace Love and Shimmies


pics:tiny pic, polyvore, sales addict blog, modcloth

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Your SOOO Bardot!

Once apon a time,

In a land called "The Swinging Sixties"

fashion turned a corner from sock hop, to sex, drugs & rock-n-roll!

Clothes got tighter, music got trippier, and a bombshell by the name of

Brigitte Bardot

was the star of every boys naughty fantasy...including 'The Beatles'

Every era has their blonde Bombshell,

there was Jean Harlow the 'origional' Blonde Bombshell in the 30's, Marilyn Monroe, Bardot, and the ever so delusional Paris Hilton is under some sad impression that she is this era's iconic blondie!
They paved the way for the sex schmitten kitten style that can still be done today!

Brigittes style was sexy and showed off her curves, simple and ever so chic sometimes a girls just gotta look good so why not Bardot your style bitches
MakeUP your mind!:
amazing cat eye sets the tone for every damn bombshell out it!
Rule one:
NEVER...EVER......EVER over do it- a dramatic eye, can not compete with crazy blush, and lipstick, stick with natural colors and pump the the volume with thoes eyes Bardot it 100%...remember its the "swinging 60's" a time for freedom! use it now!
Rule two:
Confidence...need I say more?

Tree with Birdies Wall Words Vinyl Lettering
$219 -

lipliner 03 soft rose - 1.15g
13 GBP -

xx Keep it vintage xx
peace love and shimmies

Fa-shun I plan to blog about next: Cassie (Skins), Kate Moss, Pattie Boyd, Twiggy, George Harrison, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Kardashians, Nic Richie, Emma Watson, Bollywood, Perfumes, Janis Joplin,Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Pooosh, Lady Gaga, and my make-believe Hubby David Beckham , and everything that is the world of fashion

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Introduction to Fashion

I never know how to begin- The world of fashion is the single best way to step out and form a sence of individuality- I have decided to create this blog for fashion lovers-to discuss the latest on the runway, the history of fashion, vintage, retro, and modern! from hair to designers to models to muses of all kind.
  • Where do YOU fit into this fashion world?-
  • Who do YOU inspire
  • Who inspires YOU?

hugs, shimmies, and peace