Monday, May 31, 2010

What the Watson?!

Well, as a legally insane Potter-Head, I have watched the actors grow from wee little children to young adults, to practically grown-ups!

I am so on the crazy train to Fashionville, so seeing Emma Watson become the face of Burberry and possibly Chanel has been really exciting!

To me Emma is a young version of Kate Winslet

...and modern English Rose.

Her style is mature....

Shes Chic,

Shes classic, not like the average 20 year old!,

and she can cast spells!!

What Ever Happened to Class?!

What the fudge ever happened to fashion lately?-

Miley has shorts on so short that its obnoxious

Lindsay is a raving hot mess

and K.Stew is reminiscent of a boy

( hear that? the distance...billions of twilight fans getting pissed off)

Theres nothing wrong with being


dont get me wrong, its possible to be tasteful and sexy...(Listen up MileyMo)

But it has to be done right!- checker out my Bardot post!

-Brooches and Roaches-

Accessories are a girls BFF,

so throw away thoes damn beat up flats, clunky grade school shoes

and rings you got from anything that required a quarter.

Be a grown up, so buy grown up clothes. (kapeeesh?)

Brooches are so underrated and so are a string of pearls!

Forever21 has the most beautiful cardigans & classic dresses so buy some!

Hairy Potter
Now that we are looking like something right off of the Chanel runway we need a 'grown up' hair style to go with the new you!
Tip 1- when you go and get your hair cut ask the lady what style would be best for YOU, instead of picking out something in a magazine, that way you'll get the best cut for your shape of face
Tip 2: hilights are amazing arnt they?! they lighten up your face and give your hair that extra UMPH!- but for the love of everything that is holy, get NATURAL hilights, piecey, chunky, 50tones on one head is horrific, in fact IM trying to make it illegal in all 50 states..., thick , chunky hilights look cheap...just DONT!

The next blogs I wanna change it up a bit-

Lets hit the runways, I plan to have a MAN BLOG on my husband Jake Gyl-wachamacallit, and ofcourse we will go full on,

hardXcore ..hippie, with my idol Janis Joplin

*Be Unique*

Peace Love and shimmies


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